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AI and Data-strategies from the sky

Our mission and vision

Missions and visions 
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Our mission is to help ourselves and clients to disrupt, identify problems and opportunities early and find data to work with.


Our current projects

The projects started in our partnerships have caught such a big interest in our team, that we decided to launch product definition, market analysis and market-entry ourselves.

Smart market entry

Accknowledging that Bitcoin is enabling the new economy and performing data science is key to success entering the market

A smart village

Smart initiatives are easier to start in small groups. Contact us for more infos, project proposal for the village and our services to implement your solution.

Smart parking

Parking managers can be notified about free spots, overtime or illegally parked cars. But it turned out though, that many more simple opportunities are ahead.

Examples of our key fields

With our current partnerships we analyzed and designed concepts and would be happy to transfer know-how into new fields of application. 

Wildfire detection and prevention

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Smart mobility

Location analysis

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Traffic analysis from the sky

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Clear enough for 911?

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