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AI and Data-strategies from the sky

Ideas for image recognition used for smart communities, security, parking management, traffic control and law-enforcement are the origin of our activities. Since then, we initiated projects, acquired partnerships and are still working on one topic ourselves. Check out the current projects, infos under the links provided and blog articles for more infos or don’t hesitate to contact us.

What is smart traffic management?

Traffic analysis and simulation

What is the biggest problem that can be solved with drones and AI? A problem everyone understands, that creates stress, lowers productivity and destroys resources is inefficient traffic. 

It was the first idea that crossed our minds. Since then, deeper and deeper research to leverage cities, traffic planers and construction businesses has created one key process that needs to be accomplished:

Accumulate data, extrapolate and simulate


Smart parking for everyone

What is the smartest parking solution? And where is it profitable? When we started to analyze smarrt parking solutions, we came across more than 10 use cases . Surprisingly, in many cases, a simple booking system was voted into the Top 3 tools for private car parks.