Our Aerial Equipment

Various types of aerial equipment is applicable to most weather conditions, flight restrictions, mission and security requirements. We are doing our best to use the hardware best suited to your use case.

DJI S900

Perfectly suited for inspections, high quality event photographie even in windy conditions

  • 4K videos at 60fps
  • Up to 3kg Payload
  • Up to 20 min flighttime
  • 20 mins flight time
  • 3-4km Control Range
  • 60 km/h speed

Haero 3600

For wide areas, constant surveillance, flights
beyond visual line of sight and indoor event
filming we also have a solution for you.

  • Indoor flight allowance
  • Allowance to fly over crowds
  • Live streaming
  • 3D-Video Capabilities

Eagle Eye TBx2 (Prototype)

For individual solutions, specific requirements and
scenarios the customization of our equipment for
data gathering and processing will help you solve the
challenges and make your process as effective as

  • up to 8K videos at 60fps
  • Live processing capabilities
  • Various communication technologies usable
  • Various zoom factors possible
  • Livestreaming possibility