Traffic management

Future Road Traffic Management can involve Cameras, UAVs and many other data sources and clients.


  • From small, multimodal intersections to Highway crossings.

Deep-Learning can be applied for

  • Detecting different vehicles
  • Measuring speed
  • and tracking

from various Sources.


Multimodal Traffic studies can greatly enhance safety and rulemaking processes.

Detailed and Parking Management studies using Cameras and UAVs can help city managers to make important infrastructure decisions.

Individual and average Parking duration, availability over time, and revenue monitoring will help city councils to create a fair parking environment.

Sometimes available parking is not far. Better guidance reduces traffic as well


What we do

Eagle AI detects, collects and analyzes traffic data to provide real time smart data for communities and authorities.

Collect & detect

Collect from various sources.

Analyze & warn

Analyze & communicate via push notification.

Interpret & store

Interpret, store and suggest.


Create actionable plans and guide.


Simulate, predict & react.


Interact with all parties and users.

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